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Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2024

[Must be based out of Ontario or British Columbia]

We currently partner with Deel (Deel.com) as our employer of record* in Canada.

Vanta’s mission is to secure the internet and protect consumer data. We believe that security should be monitored and verified continuously, and we empower companies to practice better security and prove it with ease. Our product integrates deeply with the services that present security risk to a company, pulls and analyzes data from those sources, and surfaces potential security threats to our customers in real time with guidance to remediate them.

Vanta’s product monitors the security posture for thousands of companies, pulling tens of millions of API calls of data per day, pushing information from hundreds of thousands of laptop agents, and running tests against that data continuously to identify potential security threats. Our infrastructure and tooling need to stay ahead of exponential growth in our customer base. As a Senior Software Engineer at Vanta, you’ll be responsible for setting technical direction to provide a strong foundation for our infrastructure to scale with our business. You will also drive complex projects across our technical stack and mentor our talented engineering team. Your past experience will be leveraged to enable and accelerate Vanta’s growth.

Our business has found incredible product-market fit and has monetized effectively since the day we signed our first customer. We’re growing at a blistering pace, which presents career-defining opportunities for engineers to accelerate their growth and to contribute to a rapidly-scaling company.

Vanta engineers design and develop new product functionality and infrastructure leveraging modern frameworks and tooling, including TypeScript, React, Node.js, MongoDB, and various AWS services such as Fargate and ECS.

Vanta has a kind and talented team, and while some have prior security experience, many have been successful at Vanta without it. We’d love for you to join us!

What you’ll do as a Senior Software Engineer on the Core Platform team at Vanta:

  • Vanta’s Core Platform team’s mission is to enable Vanta teams to efficiently build products for our customers. The Core Platform is responsible for both the core infrastructure and developer productivity at Vanta. You and your team empower other Vanta engineers to leverage cutting-edge technologies and best practices to make Vanta more performant and scalable on a platform level. Example projects include improving our automated testing infrastructure and tooling, introducing new paradigms for background workers, scaling our Mongo cluster, and breaking up monolithic deployments.

    You will also:

    • Design and build CI and build systems to ensure Vanta engineers are building robust product quickly

    • Modernize our testing tooling and tighten iteration loops in the developer experience

    • Solve upcoming scalability problems related to our build system, developer workflows / experience, and key infrastructure and services

    • Lead complex projects with multiple stakeholders and engineers to enable our business and team to scale

    • Support design reviews, communicate constraints, and help engineers make the right trade-offs

    • Set direction for critical infrastructure, enabling us to stay ahead of continued rapid growth.

    • Work with talented and kind engineers to make a significant impact on our customer base, enabling them to improve their security and prove it

    • Contribute to building Vanta’s engineering culture as we grow

How to be successful in this role:

  • Have an interest in learning about security or prior experience in the space

  • Have played technical leadership roles for teams or complex projects

  • Have experience with complex infrastructure challenges related to scale, reliability, and performance

What you can expect as a Vantan:

  • Industry-Competitive Salary and Equity

  • 100% covered Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits with Dependents Coverage

  • Pension Contribution

  • 15 Weeks Fully Paid Parental Leave for All New Parents

  • Health & Wellness Stipend

  • Remote Workspace Stipend

  • Flexible Work Hours and Location

  • 21 days of PTO and 80 hours of sick leave

  • 9 to 11 Company Paid Holidays (dependent on your territory of residence)

  • Virtual Team Building Activities, Lunch and Learns, and other Company-Wide Events

*What is employer of record (EOR)?
An Employer of Record (EOR) is a third-party organization that legally employs staff internationally on behalf of client companies. This arrangement involves the EOR handling all employment-related responsibilities, including drafting contracts, managing salaries and benefits, and overseeing tax obligations, to ensure that hiring across different countries complies with local employment laws.

At Vanta, we are committed to hiring diverse talent of different backgrounds and as such, it is important to us to provide an inclusive work environment for all. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender identity, age, religion, sexual orientation, veteran or disability status, or any other protected class. As an equal opportunity employer, we encourage and welcome people of all backgrounds to apply.

About Vanta

We started in 2018, in the wake of several high-profile data breaches. Online security was only becoming more important, but we knew firsthand how hard it could be for fast-growing companies to invest the time and manpower it takes to build a solid security foundation. Vanta was inspired by a vision to restore trust in internet businesses by enabling companies to improve and prove their security. From our early days automating security monitoring for compliance standards like SOC 2, HIPAA and ISO 27001 to creating the world's leading Trust Management Platform, our vision remains unchanged.

Now more than ever, making security continuous—not just a point-in-time check— is essential. Thousands of companies rely on Vanta to build, maintain and demonstrate their trust— all in a way that's real-time and transparent.