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NYC Community Director

South Park Commons

South Park Commons

New York, NY, USA
Posted on Monday, March 14, 2022

The Community Director Role

SPC is a community for open exploration, a process that relies on exposing our members to new ideas, people, and challenges. This role is an opportunity to facilitate serendipity and connection across a community of talented people.

The Community Director is the person who keeps the Commons buzzing, by enabling collaboration, creation, and productivity among our members. This person discovers and promotes new ways to support the community's work.

First and foremost, you’ll establish a connection with every new cohort of SPC NYC members. A primary goal will be to ensure member activation such that all members are able to successfully navigate their time at SPC.

Other Role Dimensions:

  • Maximize the happiness, well-being, learning, and potential of SPC NYC members
  • Cultivate a feeling of warmth and community
  • Create in-person opportunities for members to collaborate and hack together in the NYC space and manage the associated logistics
  • Encourage repeated and regular interactions to create serendipitous brainstorming and co-learning
  • Organize regular events that facilitate connections amongst members (examples: Tea time Tuesday, Wine Wednesdays, Alumni Happy Hours, Hackathons)
  • Help to run plan and run our monthly All Hands in concert with our Heads of Community and the SF Community Director
  • Coordinate with the SF Community Director to organize cross-geo events and programs that bring the entire community together
  • Handle the logistics of the space including communicating with office vendors and getting members access

SPC is a member-led community, so we’re constantly evolving based on our members’ ideas. Your role will grow accordingly. As we explore new formats and programs for members, you’ll have the mandate to design and implement them, evaluate our experiments, and make recommendations for pivots or new directions. In other words, be bold, innovative, and even sometimes unorthodox in your approach.

This role will be based in New York City. Our NYC office is at 650 Broadway.

About South Park Commons

South Park Commons (SPC) is a community of technical builders, tinkerers, and domain experts that challenge you, encourage you, and help you build and validate your ideas. We believe good ideas rarely come about in isolation. We are a safe zone that promotes judgement-free exploration and development of new ideas.

For technologists in the -1 to 0 stage in their career, SPC is the best place to be.


South Park Commons is an equal opportunity employer.