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Founding Full-stack engineer

Sesame Labs

Sesame Labs

Posted on Friday, June 23, 2023

Founding Full-stack engineer

New Grad to 3 years
San Mateo (in-person)
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The Role

Build highly responsive web products by working across the stack
Partner closely with the founders and designers to transform business and product ideas into engineering solutions from ideation to deployment
Quickly debug and respond to customer issues and production bugs

You’ll be a great fit if…

You have a proven track record of shipping high-quality features to users while continuously growing and mastering your craft
You have experience with designing database schemas, writing APIs, and AWS (or similar) DevOps
You are proficient with Postgres, Express, and Node (TypeScript) or similar stack
You have experience with building delightful front-end user experiences using React

You will stand out if…

You enjoy hacking on side or passion projects outside of work
You are interested and/or have past experience with web3 technologies such as smart contract development or running & monitoring your own validator nodes
You have past experience with working at or developing your own startup, demonstrating strong entrepreneurial spirit and ability to thrive in a fast-paced, evolving environment

Some examples of things you’d work on

Build an LLM AI powered engine to auto-generate quests for our customers to reduce their work
Build a engage-to-earn promotional messaging channel between dApps and wallets
Build a gamified token distribution protocol to democratize Blur-like Airdrops for all projects
Build intercom like embeddable questing widget that our customers can easily plug-into their website
Generate NFT badges as rewards for completing quests on the portal