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Vice President of Product



San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2023
SamaCare Overview
SamaCare helps to eliminate the administrative barriers that limit patient access to life-changing therapies. Insurance-related administrative hassles for prescription drugs result in worse outcomes for patients, delayed therapy, and over $100B of administrative waste for the US healthcare system. Medical providers are forced to manage these workflows on stone-age technology (fax, calls, and snail mail).
SamaCare has built a software platform to help practices streamline those administrative workflows and a two-sided business model that already reaches 25% of the prescribers of specialty drugs. As a VC-funded company, we are now building a team to help us scale so that every patient gets access to the right treatment at the right time.
Role Overview
You will lead the Product team and drive SamaCare’s overall product vision, strategy, and roadmap. This is a leadership team role which includes close partnership with the CEO/Founder.
Product Vision & Strategy
- Take ownership of the Product Vision & Strategy in close collaboration with the CEO and rest of the leadership team.
- Develop and maintain deep expertise in our industry, clients, and product users and use it to improve decision making across our organization.
- Maintain the product roadmap, consistently prioritizing the right investments for business goals.
- Ensure internal and external customer/stakeholder clarity on where SamaCare’s product is going and why, and how our product is differentiated and should be positioned in the market.
Product Execution
- Translate the product vision/strategy into launched reality.
- Set a product team culture that values discovery and experiments to ensure we are solving the right problem in an effective way as much as it values delivering functionality.
- Set, monitor, and use product metrics in decision making, and expect the same from your team.
- Collaborate with the VP of Engineering to ensure the right product goals and work are prioritized in the most effective team configurations.
- Work closely with customer success to ensure our product can be smoothly and efficiently implemented and new users onboarded.
- Ensure the product can scale with the rest of the business as our customer and user counts grow.
Product Team Development
- Ensure every member of your team understands how their work contributes to the success of the business.
- Develop and run fair performance management practices with your team that maintains a high level of team performance while supporting individual career objectives and growth.
- Effectively plan for and make team changes when we need to scale up team numbers or bring on new specialized skills.
The Ideal Candidate:
- Has been in a startup from early Product Market Fit to Growth.
- Has been responsible for product scope of at least a substantial feature set in a complex product with many users, an entire product within a larger portfolio, or has previously held at Head of Product role.
- Has experience delivering technology products for big enterprise customers. Understands what matters to enterprise customers at different stages of the customer lifecycle, and the demands that places on a startup.
- Has designed and developed a Product organization, with at least 3 direct reports. Past product colleagues want to work with and for them again.
- Effective cross functional team member and leader - those colleagues want to work with them again too!
- Can define and evangelize the Product Strategy and Roadmap for the company, and consistently deliver against it.
- Knows what a great Product culture looks like, and can effectively build it wherever they go.
- Has worked within a regulated and complex industry where security and dependability is highly important and customers are more conservative about new technology.
- Is located in the San Francisco Bay Area (ideal), or at minimum within 2 time zones of San Francisco (required).
- Embraces a hybrid in-person and work-from-home role, with the team currently in office 2 days a week.