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Staff Detection Engineer

Material Security

Material Security

Redwood City, CA, USA · Remote
Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2023
As a Staff Detection Engineer at Material Security, you'll be part of an early, fast-growing team of experienced, world-class engineers. You'll be analyzing Material attack surface area, working to understand viable attack paths, and using first-class methodology to develop alerting and detection strategies to surface malicious or anomalous activity. The safety and privacy of our customers' data is our top priority, so you'll be working to implement and validate preventive security controls and instrumenting our corporate environment to maximize our threat detection and response capabilities.


  • Expand telemetry and detection coverage by developing additional logging pipelines and alerting and detection strategies.
  • Harden corporate endpoints by implementing effective preventative controls, ensuring the use of least privilege, and reducing attack surface area.
  • Develop additional incident response capabilities, automation, and processes
  • Support the product facing detection team by sharing relevant threat intelligence, applying novel detection methodologies, and assisting with file and attacker infrastructure analysis.

What We're Looking For

  • Technical Ability: Security Engineers with solid software engineering fundamentals will find it easier to be effective at Material. We heavily leverage infrastructure as code, build pipelines, and other workflows that are fairly code-intensive. Ideal candidates have a competency in at least one language and have experience building automations, working with CI pipelines, and working with infrastructure as code.
  • Technical Maturity: We strive to develop our detections and handle alerting in a first class way. Ideal candidates should have a strong familiarity of MacOS, its attack surface, and the controls available to secure it. Additionally, candidates should also be familiar with modern corporate authentication systems and controls (e.g. SSO, SAML, FIDO2 authenticators).
  • Ownership: The Security team at Material believes in transparency and shared ownership of work. It's not sufficient to simply increase the number of detections. A mature detection program involves having the team constantly measure, fine tune, and improve the quality of their work. You'll have the opportunity to be the first full-time detection engineer and heavily influence the direction of the detection program.
  • Be a Builder: Material doesn't have a traditional corporate network with servers, firewalls, and VPNs. Instead, we leverage a zero-trust style architecture that heavily leans on strong authentication combined with device trust and security controls. We're looking for someone who has a solid understanding of attacker tradecraft and offensive capabilities to design and build additional defenses.
Material Security is a remote-first workplace with an office in Redwood City, California.
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