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Chief of Staff (San Francisco)

Generally Intelligent

Generally Intelligent

People & HR, Operations
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2023
The Chief of Staff will work closely with CEO Kanjun Qiu and CTO Josh Albrecht as we scale Imbue. Kanjun herself started her career as the Chief of Staff at Dropbox, scaling the company from 200 to 1300 people.
This is a high-trust role with enormous growth potential. This role is more tactical than strategic and is more focused on execution over strategic planning. The focus will be on business operations, not specific domains like product or GTM. It should not be considered a path into these fields. Your job is to scale our collective bandwidth, and do whatever it takes to make Imbue successful.
Your work might include:
Create a detailed agenda for our full-team offsite in Japan, and be responsible for the offsite’s success
Go through every cost line item in Quickbooks and cut unnecessary spend
Interview candidates
Negotiate with GPU (and other) vendors to get good deals
Handle one-off investor asks
Attend AI conferences and hackathons in place of Kanjun, and synthesize learnings for our team
Host events
Write social media copy when we publish blog posts, podcast episodes, or other announcements
Find and get guests for our podcast
You are
An unstoppable executor who gets stuff done at all costs
A fast and voracious learner who isn’t afraid of tackling never-before-seen problems
A first principles thinker who doesn’t do things just because that’s the way they “should” be done
Flexible and able to create end-to-end solutions with a strong and dynamic execution plan
Passionate about AI, and a belief that AI today is a historical moment, like the Industrial Revolution or the early Internet
Empathetic and able to communicate productively with any person
Effective at achieving goals through negotiation and collaboration
Energized by talking to/working with other people
Some backgrounds that could be a fit
Experience as a founder, Chief of Staff, or in Business Operations or Strategy & Operations
Experience as an engineer or product manager with a desire to move to the operations side
How to apply
Since writing is a core part of this role, we require you to upload 1-2 writing samples in your application. We’ll be evaluating for fluency and clarity of thought. Examples could include:
A memo outlining strategy for a new product
An analysis of a business process
Blog posts or other copy written for external publishing
All submissions are reviewed by a person, so we encourage you to include notes on why you're interested in working with us. If you have any other work you can showcase (open source code, side projects, etc.), certainly include it! We know that talent comes from many backgrounds, and we aim to build a team with diverse skillsets that spike strongly in different areas.
We try to reply either way within a week or two at most (usually much sooner).
About us
Imbue builds AI systems that reason and code, enabling AI agents to accomplish larger goals and safely work in the real world. We train our own foundation models optimized for reasoning and prototype agents on top of these models. By using these agents extensively, we gain insights into improving both the capabilities of the underlying models and the interaction design for agents.
We aim to rekindle the dream of the *personal* computer, where computers become truly intelligent tools that empower us, giving us freedom, dignity, and agency to pursue the things we love.