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Marketing & Communications
Posted on Tuesday, October 3, 2023

PR Specialist

3+ years

Job Description

We’re looking for a PR Specialist who possesses both storytelling prowess and a strategic mindset. Your primary mission will be to extend our brand’s reach by circulating content and nurturing vital relationships.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Distribute and amplify our brand's content across various online and offline platforms to maximize exposure and engagement.
Actively conduct press activities, including crafting and distributing press releases, to heighten brand awareness and credibility.
Develop and maintain relationships with journalists, online publications, and other platforms where our target audience—Indian nationals—can be found, including forums like Quora.
Collaborate with the SEO and content teams to ensure that PR initiatives align with and complement overall marketing and SEO strategies.
Measure the success of PR campaigns through KPIs like web domain authority, media mentions, backlinks, and media coverage.
Experience and Skills you MUST have:
3+ years of experience in public relations, focusing on online PR activities.
A strong network of contacts among journalists and online publications.
Excellent written, verbal, and visual communication skills, with the ability to tailor messages for different platforms and audiences.
Experience with SEO and understanding of its intersection with PR.
High proficiency in multitasking and managing relationships across multiple channels.

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